Brand element is throughout the whole process of brand establishing, maintaining and consolidating. Through brand element, we can achieve the brand vision.
  As the enterprise develops to a certain stage, digs keeper for brand historical continuity and company’s future development strategy, BEZ puts forward the core enterprise development concept of taking “facilitating urban industrial upgrading and promoting regional economic growth” as its mission, tries to deliver innovation drive and pursues the harmonious unification between technology and life, people and society. The body of the LOGO is evolved from the initials of Beijing Electronics Zone, abbreviated as BEZ. The overall design is concise and lively, has a strong sense of time and demonstrates BEZ’s spirit of enterprising and innovation in continuously promoting industrial upgrading and regional economic development. The dominant hue of the LOGO is “technology blue” (C:100, M:60, Y:0, K:0): the blue is sky and ocean, containing boundless and broad creativity.

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