BEZ • International Electronic Headquarters (Beijing)


  BEZ • International Electronic Headquarters (Beijing) is located at the core of Zhongguancun science park, Chaoyang District. It is a core project that supported function upgrade and industry development of electronics zone area. The project has provided the development space for high-ended electronic information enterprises, scale enterprises, scientific innovative enterprises through establishing economic platform of head office, scientific research platform, internet data platform, service platform of industry, taking the lead of initiative innovation, try our best to create an industrial innovative platform of one set of gathering high-ended working, high-technological research, creative space of establishing business, commercial facilities, shaping a new landmark of area industry, pushing forward the gathering of newly strategic industry of area and highly new technical industry.

  The total structural area of BEZ • International Electronic Headquarters (Beijing) is about 520,000 square meters, will become a new landmark structure of northeast of Beijing after establishment. It has already completed the first period of the construction and ushered into three enterprises of Qihoo 360 Head Office, Mediatek Head Office and Beijing Telecom by now.


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