BEZ • International Innovation Center (Tianjin)


  BEZ·International Innovation Center (Tianjin) is covering an area of about 107,000 square meters, and the total structural scale is about 270,000 square meters. The project is located at the core area of Qingmei River plate of Tianjin Xiqing, beside the planning subway No.7, and the advantages of commercial mating, living mating and transportation mating are obvious, becoming the only commercial landmark of the south of Jiangnan Region on the enormous area of 270,000 square meters. The project will create the international industrial design building, industrial design workshop, the experience park of design creation, exhibition area of technical creation, the appreciation area of highly-ended service, majorly pushing forward the industrial design service, communication, resources gathering, products test, etc., and some other industrial chain platforms, along with the highly-ended innovative industry of highly-technological innovation etc., and some other types of operation and the gathering of good productive service industry, fulfilling the up and down connection of all the industry, leading the high gathering of highly-technological innovative industry of the region and providing a development platform.


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