BEZ • Shuozhou Digital Port


  BEZ·Shuozhou Digital Port is a comprehensive body of ecological cities of thousands of acres invested and constructed by the company. The project is situated in the Shuocheng Region of Shuozhou, Shanxi Province. It is highlighted attract investment project of Shanxi Province, and it is also an important project of Ecology First, positively establish the National Garden City. The project is adjacent to the Hui River at the north, the Shuocheng Region No.1 High School at the south, west to Zhangliao Road, east to the east road of BEZ, covering an area of about 1400 acres, and the total structural scale is 1,300,000 square meters.

  BEZ·Shuozhou Digital Port is an integrative multiple profits industrial circle and the results demonstration area of scientific city’s functional area of achieving the scientific experience, business, exhibition, shopping, recreation, living, gathering the integration of science, commerce, education, urban functions mating and housing development of the biggest planning area of Shuozhou, Shanxi Province. It has played an important role in further improving the urban functions, beautifying the environment of the city, improving the taste of the city, decreasing the employment pressure of the region, increasing the regional taxation, and prospering the regional economics.


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