Beijing Electronics Zone Investment and Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “BEZ”) is a company specialized in development management and operation services of technology industrial park and one of the earliest developed and constructed members in Zhongguancun Science Park. BEZ was known as Beijing Electronics Zone Co., Ltd., a main unit approved by Beijing Municipal People’s Government in 1994 to carry out the Implementation Programme of Development of Beijing Electronics Zone in 1994, a subject of the implementation of specific work of development and construction and investment promotion of Electronics Zone Science Park in Zhongguancun Science Park and a subject of the renovation of old industrial base of Beijing Electronics Zone. Over the 20 years, through “municipal infrastructure construction”, “environmental improvement”, “old workshop renovation”, “dilapidated and old building renovation”, “new industrial base construction”, “digital electronics zone construction”, “cultural creative industry support” and “regional investment promotion”, these eight major projects, the upgrading reconstruction of old industrial base of Beijing Electronics Zone and the development and construction of Electronics Zone Science Park in Zhongguancun Science Park have been successfully carried out.

  In order to facilitate BEZ to play a better role in the construction of Zhongguancun national independent innovation demonstration area, the company was officially listed at the end of 2009. Over the years, under the guidance of administration committee of Zhongguancun Science Park and Beijing Electronics Holding, relying on the industrial background advantage of Beijing Electronics Holding, on the basis of successful development and construction of theme science industrial parks, e.g., “BEZ • Innovation Industrial Park”, “BEZ • Research and Development Center”, “BEZ • Science Building”, “BEZ • IT Industrial Park”, “BEZ • International Electronics Headquarters”, etc., BEZ is striving to build a “one and two” strategic development pattern that takes “technology industry development and construction, operation services” as the main line and pursues the joint development of “industrial value chain extending investment” and “technology industry hatching” by relying on its own technology industrial platform construction experience, technology industrial investment promotion channel and the development and construction, operation service team advantages of established science park and taking “facilitating urban industrial upgrading, promoting regional economic growth and realizing our own sustainable development” as its mission. At present, the company’s industry positioning is to construct “science theme park in park” and “technology urban functional area” in policy zone of national key and hot economic region. Through brand building, pattern replication and formed technology industry clustering ability as well as its own “strategic transformation and marketization reform,” BEZ is striving to a leading enterprise in the development and operation of domestic science industrial parks and the development and construction of technology urban functional area relying on its core competitiveness, rooting in Beijing and covering the whole country.

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